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German Chamomile Co2

Certified Organic Essential Oil, 3 ml

it's finally here; Co2 extracted German Chamomile

Anti-inflammatory, Cicatrizant, Antihistamine

Botanical Name: matricaria recutita
Cultivation: certified organic
Country of Origin: Serbia
Size: 3 ml
Part of Plant: blossoms
Major Biochemicals: alpha-Bisabolol, Farnesene
Common uses: see German Chamomile
The Co2 distillation of German Chamomile contains all the properties of German Chamomile Essential oil. However German Chamomile CO2 is one of the only sources of the very important anti-inflammatory component Matricin. Matricin is converted into Chamazulene during steam distillation. Matricin has significantly stronger anti-inflammatory properties than Chamazulene.  The CO2 also has a sweet, pleasant aroma, closer to the scent of the plant.
Skin Uses: The perfect support for overall skin health and healing from any inflamed skin condition.
Emotional/Psychological: emotional calming and grounding
Blends well with: Lavender Highland, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Sandalwood, Calendula CO2

Inside Info: For a beautifully calming treatment oil for red/sensitive skin, add 1 ml Calendula Co2, 3 drops German Chamomile Co2 (for babies) and 12 drops (for adults) into 30 ml Calendula Macerate