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Mindfulness Kit

Find your calm. Stay centred. Feel at peace.

This kit is designed to bring the benefits of our most calming & stress reducing botanicals into your daily life. 

Sandalwood (1 ml): There's nothing as calming as our Indian Sandalwood. Sandalwood harmonizes breathe & heartbeat, to restore harmony in times of stress and deepen relaxation in times of calm. 

Holy Frankincense (3 ml): This unique variety of Frankincense is our favourite meditation partner. It's grounding, centring and strengthening. 

Bliss Blend (10 ml): Just as the name suggests, this blend delivers bliss wherever it goes. 

Orange Blossom Hydrosol (100 ml): Our anxiety reducing Neroli Hydrosol is the perfect base for your Yoga & Meditation Spray (recipe included). 

Included for free:

Dead Sea Salt for your Blissful Bath Salts

Roll-On bottle with Jojoba Oil for your Peaceful Personal Roll-On

All the recipes & tips you'll need to bring mindfulness into your daily life in quick, easy and effective ways. 

Over $140 value!