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Peppermint Hydrosol

Certified Organic Floral Hydrosol, 100 ml

Botanical Name: mentha piperita
Origin: France
Common Uses: Possibly the most refreshing thing to come out of the plant kingdom - Peppermint Hydrosol! Peppermint is characteristically cooling to the skin; the Hydrosol is the perfect thing to bring you that cooling action in a gentle and accessible way. 
Inside Info: Keep your Peppermint Hydrosol in the fridge. On hot days, spritz your face and neck. Trust us, it's a game changer!


What is a hydrosol? Floral hydrosols or floral waters are the water soluble elements of the plant, extracted during steam distillation. These floral waters bring you many of the healing properties of the plant in a form that's very gentle and easily absorbed by the skin. They are excellent to use with babies and small children and are ideal for skin care.