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Room Spray Kit

Say goodbye to synthetic air fresheners and pricey diffusers; DIY Room Sprays allow the scent to be safely and evenly distributed. Plus, each room can have a different aroma.

This kit includes enough pure essential oil to make approximately 50 batches of room spray! 

Cold & Flu (10 ml) - This synergy will boost everyones immunity and energy, while fighting coughs, colds & congestion! It will also help to eliminate germs in the air.

Sleep Well (10 ml) - On the opposite side of the spectrum, this blend is for the nighttime wind-down, it can also be used as a pillow spray to promote restful sleep. 

Comfort (10 ml) - Just as the name suggests, this synergy makes everyone feel at ease. It is uplifting, calming and loved by all. 

Clean (10 ml) - This fresh, deodorizing and antibacterial blend is amazing for eliminating unpleasant odours and cleansing the environment. Bonus, this one can double as a counter spray; it's food-safe and strongly antibacterial. 

*Feel free to swap any of the blends in this kit for a different blend. Just leave a note in the 'comments' section of your order and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Included for FREE:

Spray Bottles (60 ml): This kit includes 5 cobalt blue, glass spray bottles, one for each of your synergies to be made into a DIY Room Spray. 

Recipes: Of course, your DIY Room Spray recipes will be included!