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Seasonal Blend 2-Pack

$27.00 USD

Our two favourite blends for the season, bundled together with a sweet lil' discount ;)

Winter Solstice Blend
Size: 10 ml
Blend of: Rose abs., Cistus, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark…
Aroma: This beautiful, warm blend smells absolutely heavenly with some soft florals, deep resins & warming spices. It truly is the aroma of a candlelit solstice.

North Star Blend
Size: 10 ml
Blend of: Mandarine, Orange, Cinnamon Cassia...
Aroma: The blend to make all your Christmas dreams come true! It truly is Christmas in a bottle; it'll make everyone in your home feel relaxed, cheerful and ready to enjoy the warmth and closeness this season has to offer. Bonus, it's highly antimicrobial and immune stimulating ;)