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Summer Survival Kit

This kit includes enough pure essential oil for over 40 batches of DIY Products; After-Sun, After-Bite, Mosquito Spray, Tick Spray. 

Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil (10 ml) - Has been found to effectively repel mosquitos (the CDC agrees, click here!). Can also be used to repel fleas, flies and wasps. The active for your Mosquito Spray.

Geranium Rose Essential Oil (10 ml) - An effective tick repellent for both humans and dogs. The active for your Tick Spray.

Lavender Highland Essential Oil (10 ml) - Soothes and heals bites, burns and rashes. Also helpful for getting little ones (and you) to calm down and sleep soundly. The active for your After-Bite & After-Sun. 

Included for FREE:

Spray Bottles (50 ml)2 cobalt blue, glass Spray Bottles for the Outdoor Sprays you'll be making. 

Lotion Bottle (50 ml) - 1 cobalt blue, glass Lotion Bottle filled with Aloe Vera Gel, for the After-Sun Treatment Gel you'll be making. 

Roll-On Bottle (10 ml) - 1 cobalt blue, glass Roll-On Bottle filled with Aloe Vera Gel, for the After-Bite Roller you'll be making. 

Recipes - Of course, we'll include all the recipes you need to turn these DIY ingredients into a Summertime First-Aid Kit!

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