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Clear Kit


You wouldn't eat a diet of solely prepackaged foods, why should your skin?

This kit is designed to clear clogged pores, combat breakouts & boost the skin's natural detoxification without drying it out or compromising it's balance. 

all of the ingredients & recipes to make a Custom Facial Wash, Toner, Serum & Masks! 

Clear Skin Synergy (3 ml) Your Active Ingredients; Rose Bulgarian, Rosemary Highland, Lavender Highland, Cypress, Turmeric, Thyme Linalol... 

Aloe Vera Gel (50 ml) Your Moisturizer Base; calming, clarifying & hydrating

Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol (100 ml) Your Toner Base; hydrating, balancing & clarifying

Mask Powders (1 oz) Your Mask Base; clarifying & balancing

Blemish Pen (10 ml) Spot Treatment for blemishes, blocked pores and ingrown hairs

Recipe Card Your Recipe Card

Optional Cleanser (60 ml) You can select the 'Add Cleanser' option to receive a bottle of our house-made Rose Honey Cleanser with your kit