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DIY Recipes for a Caffeine-Free Energy Boost




















Essential oils are often prescribed for sleep difficulties and insomnia (rightly so), but did you know certain essential oils actually boost energy, relieve fatigue and provide instant mental clarity? Rather than reaching for that second, third, fourth cup of coffee, reach for a bottle of essential oils, to get a natural boost with no caffeine crash.


Rosemary Highland Essential Oil
One of the best oils for mental alertness is our homegirl, Rosemary Highland. Although Rosemary is closely related to Lavender, it has a polar opposite effect on the mind. Rosemary is so stimulating that it should be avoided before bed as it will keep you awake. When a mental stimulant is what you’re looking for; wether you’re studying, getting back into an early morning routine or just plain exhausted, Rosemary Highland is your best friend.

DIY Morning Face Mask
We always start the day with a Rosemary & Honey face mask. It wakes up the mind, eliminates puffy eyes and clears the sinuses. This mask is also beautiful for the skin; Rosemary is one of the best oils for clearing pores and blemishes, Honey is humectant and leaves the skin with a dewy glow.

1 tbsp Natural, Liquid Honey
2 drops Rosemary Highland Essential Oil

- It’s best to apply this mask to damp skin, splash your face with water or spritz with Rose Water before applying the mask. 
- Allow the mask to sit for 10-15 minutes (while you eat breakfast, brush your teeth etc.) before rinsing with warm, and then cold water.

Black Spruce Essential Oil
What does a Canadian do when they’re feeling drained, lethargic and depleted? Ding, ding! They go for a brisk walk in a conifer forest and emerge refreshed and energized. Seriously, you know it’s true! We are lucky enough to carry a Wild Certified Organic Black Spruce, sourced from right here in Canada. Black Spruce is one of the best oils for strengthening immunity and stimulating adrenal function.

DIY Stimulating Massage Oil
A wonderful way to reap the immune and energy stimulating benefits of Black Spruce is to massage it across your low back (adrenal gland). Apply it after your morning shower or before you get dressed and feel instantly revitalized.

100 ml bottle Jojoba Oil
40 drops Black Spruce Essential Oil

- Place your drops of Black Spruce directly into your 100 ml bottle of Jojoba.
- Shake well and enjoy!

Lemon Petitgrain Essential Oil
Lemon Petitgrain is fresh, lively and energizing; it is the perfect essential oil to start your day with! For those who tend to be anxious or stressed, Lemon Petitgrain is your perfect balance of stimulating and calming; it won’t send your nerves bouncing off the walls! Lemon Petitgrain is also detoxifying and beautiful for the skin.

DIY Morning Salt Scrub
Use this Morning Salt Scrub in the shower or bath before you set out for your day, your skin will glow and you’ll feel wonderful; fresh, clean and relaxed.

10 drops Lemon Petitgrain Essential Oil
60 ml Fine Dead Sea Salt
60 oz Jar
Natural, Liquid Honey or Natural, Unscented Shower Gel

- In a mortar and pestle (or a bowl with a spoon) mix your essential oil into your salt. This salt mixture can be stored in your jar indefinitely as long as it’s kept dry.
- For each use, combine equal parts salt mixture and Honey or Shower Gel to create a wet paste. Massage gently onto damp skin, then rinse.

Black Pepper Essential Oil
Black Pepper is a great choice when you want to encourage mental alertness and clarity. For students during exam periods, commuters before a long drive home, or before a big work presentation - a sniff of Black Pepper will get you in the zone.

DIY Spicy & Stimulating Scent Roll-On
Since Black Pepper is a powerful mental stimulant and a beautiful spicy perfume note, why not combine these two attributes to create a Spicy & Stimulating Natural Scent Roll-On? Have fun with this recipe, pair Black Pepper with the notes that you enjoy - it goes beautifully with almost anything.
*The Indian Sandalwood in this blend provides a beautiful base note; it is also the best oil to bring you into the moment and calm your nerves.

5 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
10 drops Lemon, Geranium Rose, Patchouli, Frankincense, Black Spruce, Rose (or another heart note of your choice)
5 drops Indian Sandalwood
10 ml Roll on bottle
10 ml Jojoba Oil

- Count all of your essential oil drops into your empty Roll-On bottle, then fill with Jojoba Oil.
- Shake well and enjoy!