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Flower Power Gift Guide 2021

Flower Power Gift Guide 2021

You can not go wrong with the gift of flower power.

Whether you're a maker, a stocking stuffer or a big spender; we've got something on this list for you!

Sweet Lil' Handmade Lip Balms

The secret you won't have to tell the people you give these to; lip balms are actually simple to make!

  1. Follow the Balm recipe in our Encyclopedia.
  2. Add a warm, festive combo of essential oils like Vanilla & Sweet Orange.
  3. Package them up into these cute individual balm containers and give them to all the sweeties on your list

Personalized Hand & Body Creams

This gift is mega easy but hits the receiver as mega thoughtful - in other words it's everything a gift should be.

1. Add ~ 5 ml total essential oil to a 500 ml Jar of Unscented Body Lotion.

Blends to try: Jojoba Jasmine, Jojoba Rose, Jojoba Neroli, Happiness, Queen of Roses
Combinations to try: Blood Orange & Ylang Ylang, Vetiver & Pink Grapefruit, Lavender Highland & Bergamot
Or jazz it up with our Sweet & Spicy Whipped Body Butter Recipe!

2. Stir thoroughly. You can give the full jar to one lucky person or divide it into smaller bottles to make many little stocking stuffers.

3. You can follow this same recipe to make a custom body wash or bubble bath using a base of Unscented Shower Gel. Combinations to try for a shower gel: Rosemary & Peppermint, Black Spruce & Coriander, Lavender Highland & Red Mandarin

Natural Scent Roll-Ons

Let us do the blending for you; these natural scent roll-ons are beautiful and they each match a particular scent style. For the aspiring perfumers on your list, try one of our DIY Perfume Kits; they are fun, precious & totally unique!

DIY Perfume Making Experience

If you're in Southern Ontario, this is an AMAZING gift idea! Send your loved one to us for a personal DIY Perfume Making Experience and they'll create their very own signature scent. They'll take home a vial of their pure essential oil blend, a ready-to-use perfume roll-on plus their master recipe. 

The Ultimate Home Kit

We don't throw around the word 'Ultimate' very often, but this gem is the home kit to end all home kits 

Beautiful Skincare

Our Raw Skincare Kits are the perfect gift for anyone who’s passionate about natural skincare. Each kit includes all the recipes & ingredients for their own beautiful, custom skincare products. 

Men's Skincare

Take your pick between our custom Repair After-Shave or our Repair Beard Oil; they smell incredible and work like a charm!

Precious Treats

Do you have a true essential oil lover on your hands? One who has pretty much everything already? One of these precious treats is sure to make them swoon!

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