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Keeping Your 'Bubble' Healthy

Keeping Your 'Bubble' Healthy

Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse...

While we’re staying inside our socially distanced ‘bubbles’, there’s a lot we can do to stay healthy. It’s vital to try and address a viral infection at the earliest stage of development, and many essential oils can help us to do that. 

Social Distancing & Diligent Hygiene

As we all know, influenza can spread by airborne droplets, close contact with an infected person, and contact with objects contaminated with the virus. Our best defence is to avoid contact! These particles can remain active on objects for days, so effective sterilization is an important step in preventing the spread of influenza. Current guidelines suggest disinfecting objects with chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, soap, and/or alcohols. So, our second best defence is to sterilize anything that may have come into contact with the influenza germ.

Room Diffusion for Sterilization

There’s evidence that diffusion of essential oils can help eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses and reduce the spread of influenza. To further disinfect your environment, you can diffuse these strong, antimicrobial essential oils.

Essential Oils to Diffuse for Sterilization

Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Globulus, Thyme Linalol, Ravintsara, Cinnamon Cassia*, Cinnamon Bark*, Clove Bud*, Cinnamon Leaf*

Blends: Cold & Flu, Defence

*These oils are irritating to tissue, so avoid skin contact and prolonged diffusion

*Cinnamon Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf & Clove Bud are strong antimicrobials; the downside is that they’re irritating to tissue, especially for small children, pets and those with weakened respiratory systems. The best way to use these oils is to diffuse them in the areas of your home that have been threatened by possible contact with influenza germs (ie; entryways, common areas where people may have been coughing etc.). Do a strong diffusion when the room is empty, and allow the room to air-out before spending time in it again. 

Room Diffusion for Respiratory Health

Some essential oils show anti-influenza action early in the infection process. Diffusing these oils in your environment may help you resist the influenza germ during the early stages of its life cycle, keeping your respiratory system clear and strong. All of the essential oils below have antiviral potential and are easily tolerated, diffuse any combination of these oils that you have on hand.

Essential Oils with Antiviral Potential

Thyme Linalol, Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cajeput, Bergamot, Spike Lavender, Sweet Lavender, Hyssop Decumbens, Niaouli, Black Pepper, Bay Laurel, Palmarosa, Tea Tree, Cypress, Lemon, Lemongrass, Rosemary Highland, Sweet Orange

Blends: Breathe Free, Provence, Defence, Cold & Flu, Spa, Clarity

Other Essential Oil Treatments

A roll-on containing anti-influenza essential oils is another option for stopping the virus before it has a chance to move into your system. 

See chart above for essential oils with Antiviral Potential. 

DIY Roll-On for Inhalation

  1. Place 7-9 drops total essential oil into the bottom of a 10 ml Roll-On bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle with Jojoba Oil, secure the roller and lid and shake well.
  3. Apply to pulse points and under the nose. 

There are many other simple & effective ways to get these essential oils into your airways, working to keep you healthy…

  • Steam Inhalation: Place a few drops of essential oil into a boiling pot of water, create a tent over your head and take long, deep breaths. 
  • Bath: Place 10-15 drops of essential oil into a carrier such as honey, salts or natural body wash. Pour into the bathtub right before stepping in. 
  • Shower: Place 10-15 drops of essential oil at the bottom of your warm shower and take deep inhalations.
  • Self-Massage: Place 10-15 drops of essential oil into 30 ml of carrier oil (ie; Jojoba). Massage gently onto the body, particularly the chest, neck and shoulders.

We've put together the perfect little DIY Kit for all your current needs. Check it out here!

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