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Hidden Gem: Black Spruce

Hidden Gem: Black Spruce
Botanical Name: picea mariana
Available Sizes: 10 ml
Origin: Canada
Cultivation: wild certified organic
Part of Plant: needles
Extraction: steam

Towers of revitalizing energy in our cold winter landscape

Black Spruce is best known as a restorative, immune enhancer and regulator.

Immune Enhancer

Working through the nervous and endocrine systems, Black Spruce helps to stimulate the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that regenerate energy and promote strength, motivation, confidence and stamina.

Spruce is the perfect oil for chronic immune deficiencies and imbalances, weakened vitality, chronic fatigue and debility. Black Spruce helps to restore and regulate adrenal fatigue, thyroid and hormone imbalances.

Stimulant & Decongestant

Black Spruce is an arterial circulatory stimulant and helps with poor circulation causing cold hands, feet and lower legs. It’s a decongestant and restorative to the respiratory system, which makes it an ideal oil for chronic respiratory weakness and congestion.

Black Spruce is used to treat chronic cough, weak lungs, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

DIY Energizing and Immune Stimulating Massage Oil 

Place 20 drops Black Spruce and 15 drops Vetiver into a 100 ml bottle of Jojoba Oil. Shake well and apply to the low back (Adrenal Glands) in the morning, or give yourself a full body self-massage. 

*Always check expiration date on conifer and citrus oils. Expired conifer oils can cause skin irritation if applied topically.

Blends with Black Spruce

Black Spruce and Mild Thyme for congested lungs and respiratory weakness.

Black Spruce, Rosemary Highland and Geranium Rose for chronic adrenal deficiency.

Black Spruce and Myrrh, to restore and stimulate thyroid function.

Black Spruce and Clary Sage to regulate hormonal function.

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