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Stop What You're Doing & Incorporate These 3 Ingredients Into Your Skincare Regime

Stop What You're Doing & Incorporate These 3 Ingredients Into Your Skincare Regime

We've all heard of 'Superfoods', yes? Well, this article is dishing on 3 of our favourite 'Skin Superfoods'.

Just because you aren't consuming a product via your mouth and digestive system, doesn't mean you aren't consuming it. The skin, up until very recently, was unanimously considered the largest organ of the body (yes, fun fact, they've discovered a 'new' largest organ!). The skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with; air, water, and of course, skincare products.

Whatever you put on your skin, you are putting in your body. So, with that in mind, let's turn our attention to some skin nourishment...

Indian Sandalwood, santalum album

Ahhh the aroma of our Indian Sandalwood will melt away all of your tension and stress; it is an absolute treat for the mind. Although that in itself will have a ripple effect on the health of your skin, Sandalwood's skin benefits certainly do not end there!

One of the primary reasons Indian Sandalwood is an unbelievably valuable skincare ingredient is because it helps the skin to hold collagen. You know how a newborn baby has plump, vibrant skin that bounces back at the softest touch? That's collagen. As we age, our body's collagen production slows down. Used daily, Indian Sandalwood will naturally make the skin healthy, plump and hydrated. It will also heal wounds and repair dry, cracked skin. 

*Tip for the informed consumer: True Sandalwood is Indian Sandalwood, santalum albumdo not be fooled by other varieties (you need the botanical name & country of origin to be verified by a third party, see What's in a Label). Furthermore, when you're purchasing Indian Sandalwood, you want to be sure it's coming from a legitimate source and was not unsustainably harvested or traded through black market. The 'AGD' on the label of our Indian Sandalwood verifies that it is a Government Approved Export. 

Neroli, citrus aurantifolia 

Neroli is the blossom of the Orange Tree; its aroma is absolutely stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful and draws others in, like a pollinator to a flower!

Neroli is particularly helpful for cell regeneration and healing of the skin. Neroli's true claim to fame is in its ability to reduce scarring, stretch marks and thread veins. It can be used on all skin types to make the skin more vibrant and luscious - seriously, try it and see the difference!

The higher price point of Neroli is mainly due to the fact that it is such a delicate flower and extreme care must be taken when harvesting it. However, our customers needn't be deterred by the price tag! If you'd like to incorporate Neroli into your skincare regime without the investment in 1 ml of pure Neroli (which is totally worth it, by the way), we have our Jojoba Neroli Blend available in 10 ml. Jojoba Neroli is awesome because it doesn't break the bank, and it is pre-diluted in Organic Jojoba Oil making it a ready-to-use skin serum!

*Tip for the informed consumer: You should be particularly wary of uncontrolled sources of Neroli. When an oil is this valuable, companies can be very tempted to 'bump up' the volume with a cheaper oil. Petitgrain is the oil of the Orange Leaf and has a similar aroma for the unassuming nose. 'Neroli' purchased from uncontrolled sources (see What's in a Label) could easily be majority Petitgrain with a bit of Neroli added - but at the price point of pure Neroli!

Rose Hip Seed Oil, rosa rubiginosa

If you've ever been to one of our Raw Skincare Workshops, you knew this ingredient was coming up! Rose Hip Seed Oil is like magic for the skin. It is the absolute best choice of carrier oil for anyone with mature, dry or damaged skin. 

Rose Hip Seed Oil has been found to effectively regenerate tissue, especially for conditions such as wrinkles, UV damage and burns. It reduces the appearance of scars and hyper-pigmentation. Rosa is used to heal chronic ulcerations of the skin, brown spots and premature aging. It is an excellent oil to use after sun exposure (once the skin has completely cooled!) and during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. We told you - skincare magic!!

*Tip for the informed consumer: As with Sandalwood (and many of our oils) the place of origin makes a huge difference in the composition (and therefore the value) of a Rose Hip Seed Oil. Rose Hips can grow in many climates, in fact, they can be grown right here in Southern Ontario. However, to get the richest content of healing actives, the Rose Hip must be grown at a high altitude. Ours is sourced from the Andes in South America. Remember, country of origin is only trust worthy when it is being verified (see What's in a Label).

DIY Skin Superfood Serum

2 drops Indian Sandalwood

2 drops Neroli

2 drops Frankincense

30 ml Rose Hip Seed Oil

- Place your essential oil drops directly into your 30 ml bottle of Rose Hip Seed Oil.

- Shake well and use on clean skin in the morning and evening.

Want more Skin Superfood Recipes? Take our Skin Type Quiz then grab your DIY Raw Skincare Kit for all the ingredients & recipes that are best for your unique skin type!

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