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Botanical Name: styrax tonkinensis
Available Sizes: 10 ml
Origin: Thailand
Cultivation: absolute
Part of Plant: resin
Extraction: absolute
Major Biochemical Compounds: Benzyl benzoate, Benzoic acid, Cinnamic acid, Ethanol, Vanilline
Common Uses: Coughs, colds and respiratory infections
Emotional/Psychological Uses: Warming, comforting, loved by children, beautiful scent for a family home. 
Cosmetic/Skin Uses: Benzoin is used traditionally for healing chapped skin, wounds, scars etc. However it also has a history of skin sensitization, best to skin test.
Blends Well With: Rose Morocco, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Cinnamon
Inside Info: Benzoin is a beautiful oil for room diffusion, it calms respiratory conditions and leaves a lovely, warm, balsamic scent.
Best Ways to Use (see 'Methods of Use'): Room diffusion, environmental fragrance and inhalant.
Type: Essential Oil    
Vendor: Essential Botanicals

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