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Blue Tansy


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Botanical Name: tanacetum annuum
Available Sizes: 3 ml
Origin: Morocco
Cultivation: wild certified organic
Part of Plant: blossoms
Extraction: steam
Major Biochemical Compounds: Sabinene, Champhor, Chamazulene, 3-6-dihydro- Chamazulene, alpha-Phellandrene, Myrcene
Common Uses: Excellent for healing inflammation and bruising from trauma, sprains and burns. Helps reduce the inflammatory effects of allergic reactions.  
Emotional/Psychological Uses: lovely, sweet scent. Relaxing, uplifting and joyful. 
Cosmetic/Skin Uses: Treats burns, sunburn, itching skin, bruises, rosacea, skin rash, all inflammatory skin conditions. 
Blends Well With: Lavender, Helichrysum other Chamomiles for anti-inflammatory action. Petitgrain, Neroli, Sandalwood and Cinnamon for scent
Inside Info: For an after-sun or burn treatment oil, try Chamomile Blue Tansy, Helichrysum and Highland Lavender in Aloe Vera gel. 
Best Ways to Use (see 'Methods of Use'): Compress, bug repellent (moths, ticks & fleas), after-bite, after sun, inhalant and balm or gel

Type: Essential Oil    
Vendor: Essential Botanicals

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