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Wildcrafted Essential Oil, 10 ml

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora HoSho
Origin: China
Part of Plant: wood
Extraction: steam 
Major Biochemical Compounds: Linalool, cis- & trans-Linalool-Oxide, Camphor, gamma-Terpinene, Myrcene
Common Uses: Howood oil has a woodsy & floral aroma, often likened to Rosewood Oil, which as a threatened species should be avoided. Howood is most often used as a replacement for Rosewood in natural scent blends. 
Emotional/Psychological Uses: Calming, grounding, meditative. 
Cosmetic/Skin Uses: Can be used for oily skin types (skin test for sensitivity). Traditionally used for insect bites.
Blends Well With: Florals; Rose, Neroli, Jasmine and other woods; Cedarwood, Sandalwood. 

Inside Info: Experiment with this oil in your perfumer's atelier to bridge floral and woods aromas. 
Best Ways to Use: Personal Roll-On, Room Spritzer, Diffusion