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Jojoba Rose

Pure Essential Oil in Jojoba, 10 ml

Blend of: Steam Distilled Rose Bulgarian in Jojoba Oil (3%)
Common Uses: We made these blends (see also Jojoba Jasmine and Jojoba Neroli) to provide an easy and cost effective way to work with precious florals. They are pre-diluted and ready for application directly on the skin. Dab onto pulse points for the perfect personal scent, or use as the base for a scent blend. Jojoba Rose makes an amazing facial oil for all skin types - it is very effective for treating acne, signs of aging, broken capillaries and eczema. Hassle-free precious florals that don't break the bank, because we love you! 
Best Ways to Use (see 'Methods of Use'): personal scent, lotion or cream, balm, bath, massage