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Myth: You Should Take Oregano Oil Internally Daily to Stay Healthy

oregano essential oil, is it safe?

One of the most common essential oil myths we hear...

"Taking Oregano Oil internally daily will keep you from getting sick"

Here's the thing:

Oregano Oil is an effective treatment against a range of micro-organisms, but it is also a very aggressive essential oil and can be damaging to tissue. It should not be used on the skin or inhaled in a respiratory treatment.

Besides the dilemma about quality and purity in relation to internal use (click here to read the article), Oregano may have the potential to damage internal tissue, over time. Taking it internally on a regular basis is not only unnecessary, it could lead to health risks.

The other consideration with this application is “what are you using it for?”...

Most cold and flu bugs enter and infect the body through the upper respiratory system. So, it makes sense that using a treatment that enters the respiratory system is more likely to fight the micro-organism than one entering the digestive system. 

Thyme Linalol is a chemo-type of Thyme, which has a very similar action to Oregano oil against viral and bacterial infection. However, this type of Thyme contains linalol, which makes it gentle and calming to tissue.

Thyme Linalol is ideal for treating cold and flu; while effectively fighting the bug, it also calms and soothes irritated tissue in the respiratory system.

The soothing nature of Linalol combined with the powerful antimicrobial action of Thyme, make it a much more suitable essential oil for regular use. We still would never recommend taking Thyme Linalol (or any essential oil for that matter) every single day. Click here to learn more about Thyme Linalol, a hidden gem for Cold & Flu Season. 

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