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5 Reasons We Can't Live Without Floral Hydrosols

5 Reasons We Can't Live Without Floral Hydrosols
pictured above, a home distillation being done at our quarterly alchemy workshop

Hydrosols are where it's at; they're extremely safe, easily absorbed by the skin & each one has a unique array of benefits. They're extremely gentle and don't need to be diluted - simply spritz straight from the bottle onto the face, body & hair. Oh, and did we mention they're super affordable!?

Before we start chattering on about why we love hydrosols, let us tell you exactly what they are...

Floral hydrosols or floral waters are the water soluble elements of the plant, extracted during steam distillation. These floral waters bring you many of the healing properties of the plant in a form that's gentle and easily absorbed by the skin. 

When an essential oil is extracted through steam distillation, the hydrosol is extracted as well. The two products are then separated; they work beautifully together, and on their own. 

There's a big difference between true hydrosols and products that have been made to look like hydrosols (by adding essential oil or synthetic fragrance to a water base). A hydrosol should not have any 'ingredients' - no fragrance, no preservatives, just floral water. All of our hydrosols are Certified Organic, and drop dead gorgeous. 

5 Reasons We Can't Live Without Floral Hydrosols

#1. They are an irreplaceable ingredient for skincare

Hydrosols make the most beautiful facial toner, hands down. Many toners on the market have harsh ingredients that strip the skin of natural moisture and cause subsequent imbalances. Hydrosols, when used as facial spritzers, will help to tone, balance, cleanse, heal and detoxify the skin. In this application, the Hydrosol can be used on its own, or in combination with essential oils to address specific skincare needs.

Insider Tip: During these dry, cold, often harsh winter months, spritz with hydrosol throughout the day to keep the skin well hydrated.

The best hydrosols for your skin type:

Dry/Mature Skin - Frankincense, Rose Bulgarian, Helichrysum, Cistus

Red/Sensitive Skin - Roman Chamomile, Lavender Highland, Helichrysum

Oily/Combination Skin - Rosemary VerbenoneRose Bulgarian, Orange Blossom, Frankincense

*Not sure which type you are? Take our Skin Type Quiz!

#2. They are gentle and safe for use with children

Unlike many essential oils, Hydrosols are gentle and often the better choice for children and those with extremely sensitive skin. Hydrosols carry the healing and calming benefits of their essential oil counterpart and therefore make an ideal 'natural first aid' treatment for many common inflammations. Our Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is calming, soothing and itch relieving in instances such as: bug bites, diaper rash, eczema, heat rash, poison ivy, sunburn... the list goes on and on!

#3. They are ideal in situations of trauma or light injury

In addition to the topical anti-inflammatory uses listed above, many hydrosols are ideal for cleansing light scrapes, and assisting in the healing process of sprains and bruises. Helichrysum Hydrosol in particular is extremely effective in situations of skin trauma; it helps to reduce swelling and dissipate bruising. The aroma of Helichrysum Hydrosol has also been found to treat psychological trauma - because nature doesn't do anything halfway! Witch Hazel has a natural alcohol content, making it ideal for situations where a gentle disinfectant is needed. Witch Hazel is also a great base for bug sprays and after-bites. 

#4. They make the perfect base for a personal cologne or room spray

When creating a personal scent or a room spray, why not use a base that will enhance and balance the aroma of the essential oil blend you're putting in it? Enter, Hydrosols. The beautiful, light aroma of Rose Bulgarian or Orange Blossom Hydrosol will make the perfect addition to almost any scent blend. By using a Hydrosol rather than an Alcohol base, you're selecting an ingredient that will be gentle on the skin rather than harsh or drying. 

#5. They offer immense psychological benefits 

As we said, Hydrosols carry many of the same benefits as their essential oil counterparts, in a vehicle that can be quickly and easily applied. In situations of panic or anxiety, what's the quickest way to envelope yourself in the calming effects of Rose, Frankincense, Neroli and Lavender? You guessed it - Hydrosols. The moment you begin to feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and spritz your face with Rose Bulgarian, Frankincense or Lavender Highland Hydrosol. Take a few deep breathes and let the psychological benefits wash over your entire body.

Insider Tip: If you really want to stop anxiety in its tracks, add a few drops of Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil to any of the Hydrosols listed above. Beautiful for the mind, and the skin.

P.S. Consider this fair warning; once you spritz, you can't stop.

Our Hydrosols at a Glance

Rose Bulgarian: We call this the 'gateway hydrosol'. Our Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol goes straight from the petals of rosa damascena to your face, and the results are to die for! Warning: the addiction is real ;)

Neroli (Organic Blossom): With the intoxicating aroma of Neroli, and the highly regenerative properties of the orange tree, Neroli Hydrosol makes a brightening & rejuvenating facial toner for all skin types. It's also a lovely base for a wide range of natural perfume blends. 

Helichrysum: An amazing skincare ingredient for those with dull skin, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, or dark circles under the eyes. Also an important ingredient for your first aid kit; helpful for treating burns, bruises and swelling. 

Cistus: An incredibly hydrating & healing spritzer for dry, mature skin. Cistus Hydrosol is particularly helpful during the dry winter months when the combination of forced air heat & harsh outdoor elements take a toll on the skin. Cistus revives depleted skin cells & protects against damage. It can also be used to counteract the ill effects of blue light (ie: sitting in front of a screen all day) on the skin. 

Rosemary Verbenone: The hair hydrosol. Spritz Rosemary Hydrosol onto wet or dry hair to encourage longer, stronger, fuller hair. We love using Rosemary Hydrosol between washes to revive curls and/or combat frizz. Rosemary Hydrosol is also an extremely beneficial facial spritzer, particularly first thing in the morning. It will decrease puffiness & encourage detoxification while waking up the mind & clearing the sinuses. 

Roman Chamomile: A wonderful hydrosol for babies and small children; extremely gentle, calming and soothing for rashes and skin irritations, diaper rash, eczema etc.

Frankincense: With its unique aroma and grounding psychological properties, Frankincense Hydrosol is the perfect base for a Yoga & Meditation Spritzer. It also brings highly healing and regenerative properties to skincare, and makes a great toner for dry/mature skin types.

Peppermint: Fresh, cooling and vibrant. This is a beautiful room spray base when energy and mental clarity are the aim. It's also very cooling for the skin, keep it in the fridge and spritz yourself on hot, muggy days = HEAVEN. 

Witch Hazel: An effective base for a natural bug repellent or first aid spray. Also a beautiful, cleansing toner for all skin types. Witch Hazel's gently astringent properties make it ideal for those with enlarged pores, acne and breakouts. 

Lavender Highland: Much like its essential oil counterpart, Lavender Highland Hydrosol is calming and healing for all skin types and a great choice for balancing oily/combination skin.

Want to see a Hydrosol Distillation first hand? In our Alchemy Workshop you have the chance to experience a Floral Hydrosol Steam Distillation from a traditional copper alembic still. It's pretty awesome. Click here for upcoming Course details!

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