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5 Reasons We Can't Live Without Floral Hydrosols

The addiction is real. 

Hydrosols are where it's at; they make the perfect carrier for essential oils and impart many of their own healing benefits. They're extremely gentle and safe for use with almost anyone. But before we start chattering on about why we love hydrosols, let us tell you exactly what they are...
Floral hydrosols or floral waters are the water soluble elements of the plant, extracted during steam distillation. These floral waters bring you many of the healing properties of the plant in a form that's gentle and easily absorbed by the skin. 

When an essential oil is extracted through steam distillation, the hydrosol is extracted as well. The two products are then separated; they work beautifully together, and on their own. 

There's a big difference between true hydrosols and products that have been made to look like hydrosols (by adding essential oil or synthetic fragrance to a water base). A hydrosol should not have any 'ingredients' - no fragrance, no preservatives, just floral water. All of our hydrosols are Certified Organic, and drop dead gorgeous. 

5 Reasons We Can't Live Without Floral Hydrosols

#1. They are an irreplaceable ingredient for skincare

Hydrosols make the most beautiful facial toner, hands down. Many toners on the market have harsh ingredients that strip the skin of natural moisture and cause subsequent imbalances. Hydrosols, when used as facial spritzers, will help to tone, balance, cleanse, heal and detoxify the skin. In this application, the Hydrosol can be used on its own, or in combination with essential oils to address specific skincare needs.

The best hydrosols for your skin type:

Dry/Mature Skin - Frankincense, Rose Bulgarian, Helichrysum

Red/Sensitive Skin - Roman Chamomile, Lavender Highland, Helichrysum

Oily/Combination Skin - Rose Bulgarian, Orange Blossom, Frankincense

*Not sure which type you are? Take our Skin Type Quiz!

#2. They are gentle and safe for use with children

Unlike many essential oils, Hydrosols are gentle and often the better choice for children and those with extremely sensitive skin. Hydrosols carry the healing and calming benefits of their essential oil counterpart and therefore make an ideal 'natural first aid' treatment for many common inflammations. Our Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is calming, soothing and itch relieving in instances such as: bug bites, diaper rash, eczema, heat rash, poison ivy, sunburn... the list goes on and on!

#3. They are ideal in situations of trauma or light injury

In addition to the topical anti-inflammatory uses listed above, many hydrosols are ideal for cleansing light scrapes, and assisting in the healing process of sprains and bruises. Helichrysum Hydrosol in particular is extremely effective in situations of skin trauma; it helps to reduce swelling and dissipate bruising. The aroma of Helichrysum Hydrosol has also been found to treat psychological trauma - because nature doesn't do anything halfway!

#4. They make the perfect base for a personal cologne or room spray

When creating a personal scent or a room spray, why not use a base that will enhance and balance the aroma of the essential oil blend your putting in it? Enter, Hydrosols. The beautiful, light aroma of Rose Bulgarian or Orange Blossom Hydrosol will make the perfect addition to almost any scent blend. By using a Hydrosol rather than an Alcohol base, you're selecting an ingredient that will be gentle on the skin rather than harsh or drying. 

#5. They offer immense psychological benefits 

As we said, Hydrosols carry many of the same benefits as their essential oil counterparts, in a vehicle that can be quickly and easily applied. In situations of panic or anxiety, what's the quickest way to envelope yourself in the calming effects of Rose, Frankincense and Lavender? You guessed it - Hydrosols. The moment you begin to feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and spritz your face with Rose Bulgarian, Frankincense or Lavender Highland Hydrosol. Take a few deep breathes and let the psychological benefits wash over your entire body.

*If you really want to stop anxiety in its tracks, add a few drops of Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil to any of the Hydrosols listed above. Beautiful for the mind, and the skin ;)

Now that we've told you why we can't live without The Aromatherapist Hydrosols, you should probably find out why you can't live without them. Check out the individual product profiles for a full list of their benefits and uses. Use the code 'Hydrosols Rock' at check-out for a 10% discount on all Floral Hydrosols. 

P.S. Consider this fair warning; once you spritz, you can't stop ;)