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Hidden Gem for Detox Season: Vetiver

Hidden Gem for Detox Season: Vetiver

Botanical Name: vetiveria zizanoides
Cultivation: Certified Organic
Origin: Sri Lanka
Part of Plant: roots
Extraction: steam

An oil full of earth, grounding and regenerative to most systems of the body.

Vetiver is a powerful immune restorative; it's helpful for those with immune deficiency, frequent infections and/or illness.

Vetiver is also restorative to the female hormone system, used for unstable menstrual cycles, PMS and hot flashes with red complexion. 

Vetiver is neuroendocrine restorative; helpful in cases of chronic fatigue, low vitality, burn out, disrupted adrenal function, chronic stress and childbirth.

Vetiver is restorative to connective tissue and detoxifying, specifically useful for swelling, water retention, stiff muscles/joints, varicose veins and arthritic pain.

Vetiver is a circulatory and neuro tonic, it helps to promote circulation and healing, it is toning and strengthening to the entire nervous system.

Psychologically, Vetiver is a nervous sedative, it's extremely helpful for treating anxiety, worry, hypersensitivity, insecurity, ADD, ADHD.

Vetiver essential oil is extracted from the roots of the plant, and it basically roots us... isn't nature beautiful? 

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Try these combinations...

Vetiver and Lavender Highland - insomnia, restless sleep

Vetiver, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange  - nervous exhaustion

Vetiver, Rosemary Highland and Sweet Fennel - circulatory tonic

Vetiver and Black Spruce - adrenal support

Vetiver and Frankincense - to boost the immune system

Vetiver and Clary Sage - PMS, disrupted menses

Vetiver and Blue Tansy - anti-inflammatory, arthritis, fibromyalgia

Vetiver and Lemongrass - hot flashes, fevers 

DIY Personal Scent Roll-On for Confidence and Emotional Stability 

3 drops Jasmine Sambac
2 drops Vetiver
2 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Cardamom
5 ml Roll-On bottle
5 ml Jojoba Oil

1. Place the essential oil drops into your 5 ml Roll-On Bottle. 
2. Fill your bottle with Jojoba Oil and shake. Roll onto pulse points and under the nose. 

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