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Inhale essential oils, Exhale negativity

Inhale essential oils, Exhale negativity

      State of mind is the one thing that can colour every other aspect of your life, it directly impacts your health and wellbeing, as well as that of those around you. We know what you’re thinking, ‘how is an essential oil supposed to change the way I feel?’ The answer is pretty simple - inhaling essential oils has a direct effect on the human brain. This has long been known by Aromatherapists and now scientific studies provide significant evidence to such effects. 
      The chemical balance in our brains is changing constantly. Every thought that we allow to pass through our minds, everything we see, everything we hear, causes an alteration that mediates emotion, whether slight or significant. Through the inhalation of essential oils, we can bring these fluctuations into balance and relieve ourselves of Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem and SAD.

       Those who suffer from anxiety often feel there’s no way of ‘turning off’ their worried mind - thoughts race, muscles tighten, breathe shortens and suddenly the tiniest problems seem monumental. You can easily stop these anxious tailspins in their tracks, with a combination of essential oils and a few deep breaths.
Indian Sandalwood has a long tradition of being used to harmonize breathe and heart rate. A drop of Indian Sandalwood between the eyebrows will give your mind a calm focus, to bring yourself back into the present moment.
Highland Lavender is the classic choice when you need 100% chill time. It may sound cliche, but a hot bath with 5-10 drops of Highland Lavender is the best way to unwind and promote a restful night’s sleep.
Frankincense Hydrosol is the perfect accompaniment to any relaxation ritual - yoga, meditation, or a glass of wine and a good book! Spritz yourself and your surroundings with Frankincense Hydrosol and feel everything click back to centre. Use Frankincense Hydrosol as the base for a DIY Calming Room Spray by adding 10 drops of Indian Sandalwood, 15 drops of Lavender Highland and 10 drops of Bergamot to your 100 ml bottle of Frankincense Hydrosol, spritz liberally around your home, office, car… wherever you need to infuse the ‘chill’. 

If you’re looking for a way to discreetly rescue yourself from bouts of anxiety while on the go, we’ve got you covered - make a quick and easy DIY Anxiety Rescue Roll-On by adding 20 drops of Anxiety Rescue to a 10 ml roll-on Bottle of Jojoba Oil. Roll onto pulse points and under the nose when you feel those anxious emotions beginning to brew.

       We all have those days, where our step just doesn’t seem to have much pep. Feelings of sadness, lack of motivation and lethargy can be effectively warded off with a little bit of flower power!
Sweet Orange makes people happy, plain and simple. It is the perfect scent to diffuse in your home because everyone loves its cheerful aroma. Place a few drops into your diffuser first thing in the morning and watch the whole day unfold in a happier manner.
Comfort combines the uplifting effects of Sweet Orange with the grounding effects of Frankincense to create a beautifully balancing blend for diffusion in your home or office.
Lemon has all the zest you need on a cold and dreary winter’s morning. Place a few drops of Organic Lemon essential oil into your face washing water or at the bottom of your shower, for a  refreshing and uplifting start to the day.
Highland Rosemary is the best oil for combatting feelings of lethargy and laziness. A morning face mask of Honey and Highland Rosemary will wake you up and clear your mind before your first sip of coffee! Add a few drops of Highland Rosemary to a dollop of natural Honey and apply to a damp face, allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with water - your mind will be sharp and your skin will be glowing, all day long.

If you’d like to carry the positive vibes with you wherever you go, make yourself a DIY Lift Depression Roll-On by placing 20 drops of Lift Depression into a 10 ml roll-on bottle of Jojoba Oil. Apply this to pulse points and under the nose whenever you feel a storm cloud rolling in.

Low Self Esteem
       Under the multiple layers of clothing and big puffy jackets, we are still the same beautiful, sensual creatures that we were six months ago, basking in the summer sunshine! Essential oils have the unique ability of bringing us back in touch with ourselves, making us feel amazing and drawing others to us. Creating a personal scent that makes you feel great about yourself is the best way to boost self confidence using essential oils.
Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol is the perfect base for a natural perfume. The soft aroma of Bulgarian Rose is relaxing, euphoric and will complement any combination of the essential oils.
Indian Sandalwood is indulgent and luxurious, it promotes feelings of strength and ease.
Jasmine is one of the most euphoric essential oils, it combats feelings of low self esteem and draws others to us.
Neroli has a long traditional use in spiritual practices because it connects us to our higher self and instils peace. Neroli is also the oil of communication, it brings people closer. 
Rose Persian lifts our spirits and makes us feel light and joyful. It is irresistible. 
* Try our Jojoba Jasmine, Jojoba Neroli and Jojoba Rose for pre-blended precious scents, ready to be applied directly to your skin!

Find confidence in a bottle with a DIY Love Yourself Body Spray - 20 drops of either Luscious, Aphrodesia or Queen of Roses into a 100 ml bottle of Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
      Luckily for those who suffer from SAD, there’s one plant in particular that acts as a little solar panel, safeguarding itself against sunlight deprivation.
Peppermint essential oil is sunshine in a bottle! Just as the Peppermint plant stores the sun’s energy for a rainy day, so too can it provide you with a burst of sunshine during the dark days of winter.

Lift yourself to a happier state of mind by using Peppermint Body Wash in your morning shower. Add 10 drops of Peppermint to a 30 ml bottle of natural, unscented body wash - it will reset your mood, brighten your skin and detoxify your body, all at the same time!

* Remember - the quality of an essential oil is paramount when you're looking for psychological benefits through inhalation. The biochemicals that trigger these responses in our brains are only present in essential oils that have not been tampered with or altered. Read Quality and Purity to learn more about this important subject. < /div>