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Give the Gift of Flower Power

We've always been big fans of homemade gifts, so much thought and care can go into making something 100% personalized for your favourite people. Here's what's going under our Christmas trees this year...

Love Your Lumberjack Beard Oil: Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, this year give them the gift they'd likely never give themselves - a delicious smelling beard! It will keep their beard healthy and thick, hydrate the skin and boost their immunity. 

How to shop:

Bottle - Lotion Bottle, 50 ml

Base - Rose Hip Seed Oil (for dry/sensitive skin), Evening Primrose Oil (for red/itchy skin), Grape Seed Oil (for oily/congested skin)

Essential Oils - Indian Sandalwood, Frankincense and Lemon Extra (or customize the scent to whatever suits them! Try Black SpruceCypressPatchouliCedarwood HimalayanVetiver - the choices are endless, have fun with it)

How to make: 

1. Place 5 drops Sandalwood, 6 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Lemon into your bottle.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with your chosen base. Shake well. Voila!  

Kissably Clean After-Shave: Okay, so your Lumberjack is clean shaven, you can make a beautifully scented, healing and hydrating after-shave in two easy steps. It'll leave the face soft, clear and deliciously kissable!

How to shop:

Bottle - Spray Bottle, 100 ml (or 50 ml, just halve the recipe)

Base - Frankincense Hydrosol

Essential Oils - Indian SandalwoodFrankincense and Lemon Extra (or customize the scent to whatever suits them! Try Black Spruce, Cypress, Patchouli, Cedarwood Himalayan, Vetiver - the choices are endless, have fun with it)

How to make:

1. Place 5 drops Sandalwood, 6 drops Frankincense and 4 drops Lemon into your 100 ml bottle.

2. Add 100 ml of Frankincense Hydrosol, shake well and voila!

Cozy and Warm Bath Set: Why make just one delicious product? Treat someone on your list to a day at the spa, without the hefty bill! We've created each recipe to go into a standard sized mason jar (4 oz), however if you'd like to use a different sized container, simply scale your proportions up or down accordingly.  

How to shop:

Bottle - Mason jars, 4 oz, x 2 (this is a standard sized mason jar, you can find it at most kitchen or craft stores)

Base - Raw Cacao, Natural Unscented Lotion (like this one), Jojoba Oil and/or Rose Hip Seed Oil, Dead Sea Salt 

Essential Oils - Indian Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Black Pepper 

How to make:

1. For your Cozy and Warm Bath Salts, it's ideal to mix in a mortar and pestle, but a small bowl and a spoon will work too. Place 15 drops Indian Sandalwood, 15 drops Vanilla Bean and 10 drops Black Pepper into 4 oz (approx. 8 tablespoons) of Dead Sea Salt.

2. Mix thoroughly, ensure the essential oil is spread evenly through the salt. 

3. Transfer to your container and voila!

4. For your Cozy and Warm Body Butter, melt 1 oz of Raw Cacao over a double boiler. 

5. Once the Cacao is completely melted, take it off the heat and add 2 oz of unscented lotion and 30 ml of Jojoba Oil or Rose Hip Seed Oil (or a mix of both). Whisk this mixture together until it is smooth and all the same colour. 

6. Once the mixture has begun to set (starts looking like lotion rather than liquid) add 10 drops Indian Sandalwood, 10 drops Vanilla Bean and 7 drops Black Pepper. Mix thoroughly and voila! 

Happy Yogi Mat Spray: For the yoga enthusiasts and the new year's resolution yogis alike, this is the perfect little gym buddy! A fresh, energizing, deodorizing and antibacterial yoga mat spray. 

How to shop:

Bottle - Spray Bottle, 50 ml

Base - Distilled water with a tiny squirt of natural, unscented dish soap (to help oil and water mix)

Essential Oils - Petitgrain Bigarade, Geranium Rose, Sweet Orange

How to make: 

1. Place 10 drops of each Petitgrain and Sweet Orange and 5 drops of Geranium Rose, into the bottom of your bottle.

2. Add your squirt of dish soap, followed by your distilled water. Shake well. Voila!

Headache Hack Roll-On: This makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list who suffers from migraines, headaches, or even just mean hangovers. 

How to shop:

Bottle - Roll On bottle, 10 ml

Base - Jojoba Oil

Essential Oils - Peppermint, Rosemary Highland, Lavender Highland

How to make:

1. Place 10 drops of each Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender into your bottle.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Jojoba Oil.

3. Secure the roller cap and shake. Voila! 

Soothing Sore Muscle Roll On: We all have someone on our list who could just really use a full time masseuse wrapped up in a bow... but that might take you slightly over budget! This roll on is a masseuse in a bottle, you'll probably want to make one of these for yourself as well. 

How to shop:

Bottle - Roll on bottle, 10 ml

Essential Oils - Lavender Highland, Clove Bud

How to make:

1. Place 12 drops of Clove Bud into the bottom of your roll-on bottle.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Lavender Highland (Lavender Highland is acting as your 'base', this provides a very effective spot treatment oil)

3. Secure your roller lid and shake. Voila!

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